Dramatic Pour Painting

This is a close-up of an abstract painting featuring swirls of purple and gold. The painting has been created with fabric, giving it a unique texture that can be seen up close. The colors blend together in an intricate pattern, creating a mesmerizing effect.

The dominant color foreground is grey while the background is also grey. There are two main accent colors used in this piece: purple and gold. These two colors create a beautiful contrast against the neutral backdrop of the grey tones, making them stand out even more prominently than they would otherwise.

The painting features many different shapes and forms which come together to form an interesting composition. Swirls of purple and gold intertwine around each other as if dancing in harmony with one another, creating movement within the image that draws your eye from one area to another without ever becoming overwhelming or chaotic.

Overall, this abstract painting creates an atmosphere of calmness and serenity through its use of muted tones combined with vibrant accents that draw attention without being too loud or distracting from the overall composition itself.

Want this original piece of work? 

All of my art is made to order meaning no piece will be exactly the same. I can do my best to recreate patterns and color schemes but each piece will have its own unique quality. If you are interested in purchasing this piece of art or commisioning your own idea please send me a message for a quote today!

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